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Do you have problems in your network? Do your users complain about loading times? Is Citrix not so interactive? Do the offices with remote access complain about connectivity? Do you obtain low score in Aqmetrix? Get a custom report about the status of your network made by professional traffic analysts from Naudit. Example reports here
Two modes of analysis, free or paid, and only with your email and a traffic capture of your network.
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1. Capture a trace
(Only in pcap format)
2. Anonymize it
(This step is optional)
3. Upload the trace and wait for the report
Please, introduce the mode of analysis
Report delivery time Free - estimated time within 1 week.
Pay (99eur) - Time less than 4 days. You can pay by Paypal, bank transfer or credit card.
Choose the delivery report, free or paid
Please, introduce the type of analysis
Type of analysis
Choose the type of analysis you want or enter a customized one.
You can add any additional information that you think could be useful for your trace analysis.